Download Ns2 for Ubuntu 20.04

         As a beginner, the research may have various questions and this is one among them and it’s about the installation of Ns2 for Ubuntu. This article is about the depiction of the step by step process of Ns2 download.

Download Ns2 for Ubuntu 20.04

        As the first process, we have to download the source packages from Ns2 through the below mentioned URL.


Link to Download Ns2 for Ubuntu-20.04

        Then, we have to copy and paste the downloaded package Ns-src-2.35.tar.gz into the Ubuntu 20.04 home folder. At that moment, we have to right click on the package and select the extract here option and the package folder Ns-2.35.

Make Changes in Source File

      Here, we have highlighted the source codes that are used to make some changes in the source file.

  • Open the file


  • File change at the line no 137

void eraseAll() { erase(baseMap::begin(), baseMap::end()); }


void eraseAll() { this->erase(baseMap::begin(), baseMap::end()); }

        The research scholars can contact our research experts at any time to clarify your doubts based on the process of downloading Ns2.