Droptail in Ns2

Mainly, it is one among significant article based on droptail in network simulator 2 and it’s about the execution of droptail in network simulator 2. This article is about the depiction of the step by step process of droptail execution in network simulator 2.

Short Note of Droptail in Ns2

Droptail is defined as the first in first out scheme based on queue management and it is considered as the simple queue mechanism which is deployed over the routers in Ns2 simulation. In addition, the packets in this mechanism are treated identically and the queue is filled with the maximum capacity of newly incoming packets which are dropped.

Droptail Implementation in Ns2

The packets based on the droptail were transmitted along with the arrival order and the process is functioning with the execution based on sample code for droptail using network simulator 2.

  • Code for class declaration

DropTailClass() : TclClass(“Queue/DropTail”) {}

            TclObject* create(int, const char*const*) {

                        return (new DropTail);


  • Code for queue management

void DropTail::enque(Packet* p)



if (q_.length() \>= qlim_) {





Packet* DropTail::deque()


return (q_.deque());


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