FTP in Ns2

Our research professionals are well versed in the research filed based on network simulator 2 through that experience we have derived this article which is about the execution of FTP in network simulator 2. Let’s start this article with the description about FTP in Ns2.

Short Note on FTP

The file transfer protocol is abbreviated as FTP and it is the network protocol which is used to transfer the files between the computers in simulation through the TCP and IP network using network simulator 2.

Creation of FTP Traffic in Ns2 Using TCL Script

Hereby, we have highlighted the required steps based on the creation of FTP traffic in network simulator 2 using TCL scripts.

  • Firstly, we have to create the network simulator object and initialize the routing protocol
  • Then, create two nodes 0 and 1 using the node instance
  • Following that, we have create the trace and nam file
  • In addition, we have to create the duplex link among the nodes using duplex link instance
  • TCP agents initialization
  • Initialization of FTP traffic and attachment of source tcpobject
  • Finally, add the finish procedure to flush all data into trace file and run the nam file

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