How Can I Simulate a Network

        Most significantly, we assure that you can simulate the network. Additionally, this entire article will guide you people to simulate the network as the step by step process. Let’s start this article with the creation of network.

Step: 1 Network Creation

        Initially, we have to create a network through using Ns-3 because it is an open source platform and it provides the notable support to simulate the multicast protocols, routing and TCP through the satellite, wireless and wired networks.

       Most significantly, there are three significant classes in Ns3 for the creation of network and they have been enlisted in the following.

  • MobilityHelper
  • It is used for the aggregation process
  • Ipv4AddressHelper
  • It is used to assign the IPv4 to report the device drivers
  • NetDeviceContainer
  • It is denoted as the creation of apt device using the object name services
  • WifiHelper and WifiMacHelper
  • It deployed to configure the network nodes based on Wifi
  • NodeContainer
  • It is used to create a container to manage the nodes in network

Step: 2 Simulate a Network

        Following that, we have to install the Ns3 along with the following requirements to simulate the network.

  • Python 3.5.2
  • Ubuntu 16.04.6 with g++-5.4.0

       When Ns3 is installed and it is deployed to simulate the network through the implementation of below mentioned commands.

cd /home/research/ns-allinone-3.26

sudo ./waf –run SimulationFileName –vis

         We hope that we have provided the required data to simulate the network. So, reach us for all your research needs.