How do I Create a Wireless Node in Ns2

This article is completely articulated with process that are essential to create the wireless node in network simulator 2 and this will be the great support for those who are enchantingly looking for creation helps.

Ns2 Code to Create Wireless Node

The Ns2 program code is deployed to create the wireless node in the network simulation process and the Ns2 program is stored in workspace location.

  • Code for wireless node configuration

     $ns node-config  -energyModel EnergyModel \

                      -rxPower 1.0 \

                              -txPower 2.0 \

                              -initialEnergy 10 \

                              -sleepPower 0.5 \

                              -transitionPower 0.2 \

                              -transitionTime 0.001 \

                              -idlePower 0.05

  • Code for wireless node creation

for {set i 0} {$i < $val(nn) } { incr i } {

            set node_($i) [$ns node]    


Run Wireless Simulation in Ns2

To run the wireless simulation in network simulator 2, we have to implement the below mentioned commands.

cd /home/research/Desktop/NS2_wirelees_simulation

sudo ./ns wirelees_simulation.tcl

Run Wireless Simulation in Ns2

Finally, our technical professionals have highlighted the acquired result through running wireless simulation in Ns2.

To this end, we hope that we have provided the appropriate processes that are used to create the wireless node in Ns2. Ping us to aid more.