How Do I Download NS2 Simulator

        Let’s get into this article to know about process of downloading network simulator 2 along with all the required steps.

Download NS2 Simulator

         As the first process, we have to download the Ns2 simulator through URL which is highlighted in the following.

Link to Download Ns2 Simulator

Radio Propagation Models in NS2

       In addition, we have listed out the three radio propagation models based on network simulator 2 along with their implementation specifications.

  • Shadowing model
  • ~ns/shadowing.{cc,h}
  • Free space model
  • ~ns/propagation.{cc,h}
  • Two ray ground reflection model
  • ~ns/tworayground.{cc,h}

Queuing Models in NS2

            For your reference, our technical professionals have highlighted list queuing models in network simulator 2.

  • Random early detection (RED)
  • It is the queue discipline which aims to provide early signals to transport protocol congestion control
  • Droptail
  • It is defined as the traditional technique for managing the network node’s queue length through setting the maximum queue length for each queue, accepting incoming packets until the maximum length is reached

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