How do I Download Ns3 for Windows

            Let’s start this article with the description about the process of downloading the Ns3 in windows along with the support of our research experts.

Phase: I

           Initially, we have to download the VMware workstation player through the link that is highlighted below,


Download VMWare Workstation

           Consequently, we have to install the VMware workstation player for the integration of Ubuntu along with the windows.

Phase: II

          On the other hand, we have to download VM image for the Ubuntu 18.04 from the link that is mentioned below.


           Additionally, we have to extract the rar file in the D drive or else in D drive. Then, we have to open the VMware workstation player to select the Ubuntu-18.04 VM image for install Ubuntu just by click open a virtual machine.

Phase: III

        While the virtual machine is installed and then we have to download Ns3 on the virtual machine through opening Mozilla firebox and download Ns3 over the Ns3 website through the below mentioned link

Location of Downloaded Ns3

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