How Do I Run an Ns2 File on Windows

Consider this article as the answer for the question “how do I run an Ns2 file on windows?” because our research experts have provided the step by step process of running the file based on network simulator 2 in windows.

Install Ns2 with Cygwin on Windows

Initially, we have to download and install the Cygwin to install Ns2 on windows from the below mentioned URL.

Following that, we have to download the Ns-2.28 from the below mentioned URL to install in windows.

Then, we have to copy and paste the Ns2 package folder into the Cygwin installation directory through the subdirectory home as C:\cygwin\home\[system_name] and we have to install the Ns2 on windows with Cygwin.

Create Ns2 File on Windows

Subsequently, we have to create the Ns2 simulation TCL script file in the windows workspace location.

Creation of Ns2 File on Windows

Run Ns2 File on Windows

To run the Ns2 file, we have to change the workspace location just through using the below mentioned commands.

cd /home/research/Desktop/WorkSpace

Then, the below mentioned commands has to executed to run the Ns2 file on the windows.

sudo ./ns NS2_File.tcl

Finally, we have highlighted the simulation result which is acquired through the Ns2 file on windows.

The research scholars can call us to get clear with all their complications while implementing the Ns2 file.