How do I Run Ns2 Simulator

Through this article our technical professionals have highlighted the essential steps about running the Ns2 simulator.

Simulation Codes in Ns2 Simulator

Initially, we have to make the simulation using Ns2 simulator though we have to create the TCL based main script code.

TCL Based Main Script Code

Following that, we have to create the .cc based source code for the proposed algorithm such as analytical hierarchy process (AHP) algorithm process and that is stored in the installed location of Ns2 simulator (Ns-2.35).

Source Code for Proposed Algorithm

Run Simulation Using Ns2 Simulator

To run the simulation using Ns2 simulator, we have to change the workspace location and implement the network simulation main file through the execution of below mentioned commands.

cd /home/research/Desktop/NS2_simulator

sudo ./ns NS2_simulator_Main.tcl

Then, we will acquire the simulation result using Ns2 simulator and the simulation network is capable to construct the network with 50 nodes and to select the route through using modified OLSR (MOLSR).

To this end, we hope that we have provided the required knowledge about the process of running Ns2 simulator. If you guys feel that you stuck somewhere and then you guys can reach us to clarify your issues in Ns2 simulator.