How do I Start Ns2 in Ubuntu

Through this article, our technical professionals have assured that they provide the complete research assistance for the scholars. This article “how do I start Ns2 in Ubuntu” is about the description process of starting network simulator 2 in Ubuntu.

Step: 1 Download Ns2 in Ubuntu

As the first process, we have to download the packages based on network simulator 2 in Ubuntu through the URL which is highlighted below.

Link to Download Ns2 in Ubuntu

Step: 2 Configure Ns2 in Ubuntu

Following that, we have to configure the Ns2 in Ubuntu through the modification of below mentioned make files and the changes highlighted below,






Change @CC@ to gcc-4.8

change @CXX@ to g++-4.8

Step: 3 Install Ns2 in Ubuntu

We have to install the downloaded Ns2 packages in Ubuntu terminal through the execution of below mentioned commands.

cd /home/research/ns-allinone-2.35/ns-2.35

sudo ./install

Step: 4 Validation Ns2 Installation

After completing the installation process, we have to validate the installed Ns2 packages in Ubuntu terminal.

cd /home/research/ns-allinone-2.35/ns-2.35

sudo ./validate

Then, we have to execute the below mentioned commands to start network simulator 2 packages. While executing the below mentioned commands, we acquire the result as “%” and shown in the below mentioned image.

sudo ./ns

Finally, we guys can reach us at any time to clarify your doubts based on starting the Ns2 in Ubuntu.