How Install Ns2 on Windows 7 with Cygwin

In general, this article is about the depiction of the process of installing the network simulator 2 in windows along with Cygwin through the guidance of our research experts.

Download and Install Ns2 Simulator for Windows 7

Hereby, we have to execute the below mentioned steps that are required to install Ns2 on windows 7 along with Cygwin.

Downloading Cygwin
Link to Download Ns2 on Windows 7
  • In addition, we have to decompress the file use winrar tool and copy the decompressed folder in the Cygwin installation directory under the subdirectory home. For example we have highlighted the location C:\cygwin\home\[system_name]
  • Then, we have to run the Cygwin from the desktop and change the directory to the folder and using the command “cd /home/[ system_name ]/ns-allinone-2.31”
  • We have to start the installation type and execute the highlighted command “./install”
  • While completing the installation process, we have to implement the below mentioned command for the validation of installation

cd ns-2.31


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