How Install Ns2 on WSL

Through this article we have illustrated the process of installing network simulator 2 in WSL. Come let’s take a glance over the installation of Ns2.

Phase: I WSL and Ubuntu Installation

As the first process, we have to install the windows subsystem for Linux (WSL) and Ubuntu through the execution of following steps.

  • We have to open the powershell prompt as an administrator
  • Then, execute the below mentioned commands

wsl –install

WSL Installation

wsl –install -d Ubuntu-20.04 LTS

Ubuntu Installation

Phase: II Ns2 Download in Windows 10

Following that, we have to download Ns2 package for windows 10 through the below mentioned URL.

Ns2 Download

Phase: III Ns2 Installation in Windows 10

We have to install the Ns2 packages in windows 10 through changing the Ns2 package location and implement the command ./install in the Ubuntu-20.04 LTS terminal window.

Installation of Ns2

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