How to install Nam in Ubuntu

   Most significant topic based on Nam is about the process to install Nam in Ubuntu. Here, this article guides you to install nam in Ubuntu by step by step process. Let‘s go through this!!!

Download Nam in Ubuntu

     The initial step is, you have to download the nam package. From the below web link url, free download the nam package  nam _1.15-10_i386.deb .

Web link url:

Download Nam in Ubuntu

Install nam in Ubuntu

     Once the nam package is downloaded, then you have to install Nam in Ubuntu. Execute the following command in the Ubuntu terminal window to install nam,

cd /home/research

sudo dpkg –install nam_1.15-10_i386.deb

Ns2 source code for Nam

       The following Ns2 code is used to define the Nam trace file object ,

               set namtrace             [open Spectrum_Sensing.nam w]

               $ns namtrace-all-wireless $namtrace $val(x) $val(y)

     Then, the below Ns2 code is for configuration for Nam trace generation,

        $ns node-config -adhocRouting $val(rp) \

                   -llType $val(ll) \

                   -macType $val(mac) \

                   -ifqType $val(ifq) \

                   -ifqLen $val(ifqlen) \

  After executed the code for node configuration, then you have to execute the following Ns2 code to stop the trace generation and execute the Nam trace file,

 global ns tracefd namtrace

    $ns flush-trace

    close $tracefd

    close $namtrace

exec ./nam Spectrum_Sensing.nam &

 If you have any queries based on installation process of Nam in Ubuntu, please contact us.