How to Install ns3 in Windows 10

             In general, there are several matters while installing the network simulator 3 in windows 10. To encounter all such matters, our research professionals have described this article with all the required steps for the installation of ns3.

Step: 1 Enabling Virtual Machine Platform

            The virtual machine platform in windows 10 is permitted through functioning the following steps. We have to go to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Feature. Them, we have to click the left sidebar to turn on or off the windows features. In additionally, we have to check the options for windows subsystem for linux.

Turn on Windows Features

            Following that, the Microsoft store has to be opened to find the Ubuntu and then we have to install that.

Step: 2 Basic Libraries Installation

          Here, we have highlighted the process of installing the significant libraries that are required for the process of ns3 installation.

  • The update has to be performed again

sudo apt-get update

  • The below mentioned commands are deployed to install the essential dependencies
  • GCC and GCC compiler

sudo apt-get install gcc g++ python

  • Python

sudo apt-get install python-dev

  • Qt framework

sudo apt-get install qt4-dev-tools

  • Version control and repository management

sudo apt-get install git mercurial

  • Compilation package

sudo apt-get install cmake libc6-dev libc6-dev-i386 g++-multilib

  • Debugging tools

sudo apt-get install gdb valgrind

  • GNU scientific library

sudo apt-get install gsl-bin libgsl0-dev libgsl2

  • Parser generator

sudo apt-get install flex bison libfl-dev

  • Packet capturing tools

sudo apt-get install tcpdump wireshark

  • Database support

sudo apt-get install sqlite sqlite3 libsqlite3-dev

  • XML support

sudo apt-get install libxml2 libxml2-dev

  • GTK library

sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-0 libgtk2.0-dev

  • OS based virtualization

sudo apt-get install vtun lxc

  • SC modification tools

sudo apt-get install uncrustify

  • Graphical tools

sudo apt-get install doxygen graphviz imagemagick

sudo apt-get install texlive texlive-extra-utils texlive-latex-extra texlive-font-utils dvipng

sudo apt-get install python-sphinx dia

  • Python library

sudo apt-get install python-pygraphviz python-kiwi python-pygoocanvas libgoocanvas-dev

  • C++ library

sudo apt-get install libboost-signals-dev libboost-filesystem-dev

  • High performance computing

sudo apt-get install openmpi-bin openmpi-common openmpi-doc libopenmpi-dev

  • Plotting engine

sudo apt-get install gnuplot plotdrop

Step: 4 Install Ns3 Package

        To install the Ns3 packages, we have to download the packages first in the windows 10 through typing the commands in prompt windows.

cd ~

mkdir software

cd software


tar xvjf ns-allinone-3.28.tar.bz2

         Then, we have to install the Ns3 packages in windows 10 through the implementation of the following commands.

./ –enable-tests –enable-examples

Install Ns3 Packages

       In addition, we have highlighted the acquired screen after completing the installation process.

Result of Ns3 Installation

         To this end, we assure that we will offer the complete research support for the research scholars. So, reach us to aid more.