How to right research paper?

The main objective of writing a research paper is to create a clear understanding of the topic in which you have done a research by studying in depth which enables critical thinking and evaluating yourself. The research paper you write should not be just like an encyclopaedia which contains images and facts or like a long essay.

Analytical and Argumentative are the two different types of research papers:

Analytical – In this type it demonstrates to produce a clear perspective of the result by analysing the source of material. It comes up with a problem which should be sorted out through evaluating the source material. It does not make a strong decision on a topic in initial stage.

Argumentative – Right from the beginning itself it supports a topic firmly to validate the argument that you support. It can be applicable in the area where the topic is controversial or debatable.

Read the Rubric

            Know about the rubric or syllabus firstly before start writing your research paper. You should be familiar to answer the questions below to know about the expected outcomes of your research:

  • When is the last date for submitting your research paper?
  • What should be your paper length?
  • What’s the style of citation that should be used?
  • Is there a decent amount of sources that needs to be cited?
  • Should your research paper focus on specific question or topic?
How to Make your Paper Stand Out

            When you are deciding to write your research paper, make sure to write about the research problem in the starting of the paper itself. It can help you in determining the work nature in discussion, analysis and methods section and also with other elements. When you are collecting information regarding the topic, make sure to get it from similar research papers related to your topic. By carefully studying in detail about the topic will ensure you to find the advantages and disadvantages of the particular topic you choose. By attaining this level can help you in meeting most of your requirements.

            To make your paper more unique and stand out from others, this type of exploration will be more helpful. Do more research on the particular area which need to be explores more and the other kind of work that has been done on your chosen field?  Schedule your objectives that you are planning to do and build a hypothesis for the work you are going to do. These steps can help you find different methods for your research which leads you to be more successful in your work and will be a great milestone in your career.

Identify journals for submission

            Before start writing your research paper identify in which journal you are going to publish your paper. Finding the suitable journal for your paper can explain about your research methodology and helps to setup your research paper. Many new researchers skip this step as they are only more focused on writing a good research paper. The reason behind the rejection of your paper on a journal could be that your submission might not meet the requirements of a particular journal. This makes difficult for you to select the journal that best suits you. So, identify a suitable journal before start writing your paper.

Do a preliminary research related to the topic of your research.

Make sure to visit the below mentioned in person:

  • Reports, guides and government publications.
  • Newspapers and magazines

And that of online resources like

  • Public libraries that are international
  • Reference materials from online like ProQuest, eLibrary or SIRS
  • Google scholar

Create a Strong Research Paper Outline

Creating a strong research paper outline will lead you to writing a good research paper. It helps you in such a way that you can create your manuscript with the essential elements which should be described in each section, to manage your thoughts and it also makes your paper writing process easier. Spend only the planned time for each section, follow your schedule these are the steps to be followed to effectively plan your work. Be prepared for making changes in last minute based on the feedbacks from co-authors or mentors.

Start Writing

When you start writing your paper you can add the outline from the research paper. Also with it don’t forget to add the citations or from where you gathered information. When writing a paper concentrate only on delivering your ideas. If you are not good at typing then you can seek help from any of the dictation tools which types as you speak.

Do your First Round of Edits

Start editing your paper. Other than only checking the grammar and spelling do a complete check of your paper. Start doing your first round of edit soon after completing the first draft that you made in your research paper.

            For finding your mistakes you can use this method in which you can read the paper you have written loudly. By doing so you can find any typing errors or you can find a section which need to be corrected, when you read it aloud.

            Then move on to creating bibliography. While creating it you have to make sure whether it is all sources cited correctly both in work and the text and at the bibliography section.

Get Feedback

You have to get feedback from outsiders like your peers or your professors. Your professor will also offer you feedback if you ask for it. Ask feedbacks from a teaching assistance or a professor before submitting the paper which will help you get good grades.

A peer can help you in providing feedback after reading your paper. You can also get help from your campus tutoring or writing centre.

Make sure to get advice or feedback from your professor at least a week before submitting the paper. Don’t rush to them in last minute.

Complete the Second Round of Edits

Once you are done with getting feedbacks from your peers or professors now in this step you have to focus on making changes on paper according to it. Make sure to implement changes in the important topic by understanding the requirements and also to satisfy it.

Submit your Research Paper

Now you have come to the final step of submitting your paper. Before submitting your paper, check the steps that need to be followed while submitting the paper. Do some checking like, whether you have to bind or print all the documents to be submitted in any particular way? Does that need to be submitted in any online website or just to mail it to the professor? Did you submit it before the due date? Make sure to know when, where and how should you submit your research paper.

Reflect on the Process

After getting feedbacks and grades for your project, note down the remarks and try to overcome it. You can ask any doubts regarding the feedback to your professor. You can use those advices in your future researches.