How to Use Xgraph

            “How to use Xgraph” is an article that depicts the significant progressions in the utilization of Xgraph in Ns2. The researchers can surely get detailed explanatory notes and technical explanations on all such frequently asked questions and research queries in Xgraph installation through our research experts. Let us now have a quick overview on Xgraph and its characteristics.

What is Xgraph?

             Xgraph is considered as the provision of simple method to create the line graphs and scatter plots. It includes the core architectures to manage compiling, communicating and starting the Xgraph along with the systems based on the ecosystem of Xgraph and Xgraph command line interface for the creation of interaction with Xgraph.

Xgraph Package Features

               The package of Xgraph includes the two significant characteristics such as the Xgraph command line interface and Xgraph core. The process of Xgraph core architecture is to maintain the data about communicating, starting and compiling among the Xgraph systems. The Xgraph command line interface is deployed to make the interaction of Xgraph systems as the simple process. The users can easily install the Xgraph through the utilization of npm package installer. When the user is based on the unix operating system including Ubuntu, MacOS and etc. the user have to utilize the sudo prefix such as.

sudo npm install -g xgraph

            The Xgraph command line interface includes the speed up process in creating and running the Xgraph systems. The Xgraph CLI is utilized to create the novel modules and systems to compile systems for the system structure object and the functions of systems from the system cache.

             Our research professionals are providing the best guidance and that have been resulted in a number of successful research projects, so we’re tremendously acquainted with all the forms of simulation models, protocols, standards, topologies, regulations and interfaces. For instance, our experts have highlighted the utilization of Xgraph to plot the graphs in Ns2.

Use Xgraph for Plotting Graphs in Ns2

The Xgraph is considered as the X-Window applications along with the functions such as.

  • Probability and bug fixes
  • Derivatives and animation
  • Interactive graphing and plotting

           Xgraph is functioning with the requirement based on the command in user terminal and the command is highlighted in the following.

$ xgraph [filename].xg

           For your reference, our research professionals have highlighted the comparison among three significant protocols for the temperature and time. In addition the three different protocols are highlighted in the following.

  • DSDV
  • AODV

          The open text editor is required to save the values that are mentioned in the following and it includes the temperature.xg for the process of command in Xgraph based on temperature.xg is highlighted in the following.

TitleText: Temperature Vs Time
YUnitText: Temperature
XUnitText: Time
0.101696 28.785601
0.207869 14.882664
0.105162 20.642021
0.207268 24.930244
0.109013 23.600860
0.208179 29.777069

            As of now we have come up with the significant utilization of Xgraph to plot graphs in Ns2 with brief explanations. So that, we hope you are understood the concepts as of now listed. If you have any doubts in the above listed process you are always welcomed to have a discussion with our research experts at any time. Now, let’s take took into the process required to download the Xgraph based on Microsoft windows.

Download Xgraph for Microsoft Windows

  • The file is downloaded through using the URL based on MS- window XP using Windows- 10 and it is functioning with test data file and library elements
  • The Xgraph directory is unpacked and it is implemented through the bin directory which is denoted as the exe the test data file, test_xy2.dat is located in the top directory
  • The invoke is functioning for bin\xgraph test_xy2.dat, here the navigation based on the bin directory includes the file browser and to double click the exe
  • The file menu includes the read new file option and the user have to select the process and to pick the data files to plot the data
  • It is uninstalled and the deleting process in Xgraph directory is executed

Xgraph and AWK Scripts in Ns2

          The AWK scripts are deployed for the extraction of required information to trace the files (.tr) and they are beneficial to plot the graphs through using Xgraphs with the utility of Ns2. The AWK scripts are deployed to plot the graphs to differ the AWK scripts to print the values based on terminals. There are various AWK scripts and our research professionals have tried to explain the differentiation among the scripts with some references. The “energy.tcl” is considered as the TCL script required to simulate the network in 100 seconds and then the command is denoted as.

ns energy.tcl

           When the TCL script is implemented we acquire the NAM file (.nam) and trace file (.tr) on the other hand the “” and “energy.nam”. In addition, two various AWK scripts are designed for the above mentioned scenarios and the main process is to calculate the residual energy is retained in the energy process and it includes various values.

           The command “awk -f scen1.awk” is used to run the scenario that is designed already and it have to be print for the residual energy process with the node based on terminal so this command “awk -f scen2.awk > energy.xgr” is deployed for the functions based on print.

           While opening “energy.xgr” the users will get the grip about two columns that are created and the first column is about time and the next is for residual energy. In addition, the values of first column are forming the X axis in the graph and the values based on Y axis are forming the Y axis in the graph.

             Our research experts provide the finest solution for all the challenges in occurred in the utilization of Xgraph. With this detail, let us take a look into the significant process used for the creation of bar and line graphs in the following.

Using Xgraph to Create Bar and Line Graphs

  • The list of data files based on Xgraph includes some number of data sets particularly one per curve. The data set includes the ordered pair based on X and Y coordinates in all the point with the separate line and the name of data sets are capable for the specification of beginning line with the double quote. For instance, we have highlighted the sample data to plot the functions based on
  • f(x) = 2^x and f(x) = x^2
  • It is functional to get the Xgraph to graph the data for the process
  • xgraph data_file
  • The Xgraph includes several kinds of command line options to set the scale based on graph to specify the labels and titles
  • xgraph -bar -brw 0.5 data_file
  • xgraph -lny data_file             # specifies logrithmic Y axis
  • xgraph -lx 4,6 -ly 16,50 data_file # zoom into part of the graph

            Before ending this article “how to use Xgraph” the research scholars have to know the significant research topics based on Xgraph. Let’s see some more important research topics based on Xgraph in the following.

Thesis Topics in Xgraph

  • QoE aware 3D video streaming via deep reinforcement learning in software defined networking enabled mobile edge computing
  • Parallel route optimization and service assurance in energy efficient software defined industrial IoT networks
  • Design and implementation of mobile identity authentication mechanism based on OTP
  • DNNVM: End to end compiler leveraging heterogeneous optimizations on FPGA based CNN accelerators
  • Performance analysis of various open flow controllers by performing scalability experiment on software defined networks

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