Introduction to Network Simulator Ns2

Now, let’s have a discussion about the significance of network simulator Ns2 over this article.

Overview of Network Simulator Ns2

In general, the network simulator Ns2 is defined as one of the open source discrete event and packet level simulator for the networking researchers. In addition, the vents such as “received an ack packet” and “enqueued a data packet” are used in this process, The tool command language (Tcl) is deployed for the specification of scenarios and events in network simulator 2.

List of Supporting Protocols in Network Simulator Ns2

For your ease, we have highlighted some supporting protocols in network simulator Ns2.

  • Transmission control protocol / internet protocol
  • User datagram protocol
  • File transfer protocol
  • Internet group management protocol
  • Border gateway protocol
  • Simple network management protocol
  • Remote procedure call protocol

Download Network Simulator Ns2

As add on note, we have highlighted the process of downloading Ns2 and for that we have to execute the commands that have been highlighted in the following in Ubuntu terminal window to download the network simulator Ns2 package.

git clone

Link to Download Network Simulator Ns2

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