IoT Online Simulator

         As a matter of fact, our technical professionals provide the complete support for the research scholars to develop an IoT simulation. To execute an IoT simulation, we need to know about the list of IoT simulators that have been deployed in the simulation process.

List of IoT Simulator

        Firstly, we have to take a look about the most significant IoT online simulators that have been used in IoT simulation such as,

  • OMNeT++
  • Cooja
  • Ns3

Process of Downloading IoT Simulators from Online

         In the following, our resource people have highlighted the required processes that have been implemented in downloading the IoT simulators from online.

  • Cooja
  • Contiki packages have to be downloaded from online through performing the installation of Cooja from the below mentioned URL


Link to Download Cooja
  • Ns3
  • We have to download Ns 3.30 packages using the URL which is highlighted in the following


Downloading Ns3
  • OMNeT++
  • To download OMNeT++, we have to click the below mentioned URL and download the required version


Usage of IoT Online Simulator

      In addition, IoT network simulators are permitting the users to send the messages on four main types of dynamic values such as,

  • Client Identifier data
  • Number of data value is random
  • Number of information is between range
  • Constant number of data

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