Is MQTT the Best Protocol for IoT in Professional Applications

         Absolutely, MQTT is considered as the best protocol for IoT mainly in professional applications. To prove this, we have highlighted the major advantages and list of IoT applications based on MQTT in this article in the following.

Benefits of MQTT to Create IoT Applications

         Hereby, our resource people have enlisted the utilizations and advantages of MQTT while creating the IoT applications.

  • It includes the finest support for quality of service (QoS) while comparing with CoAP and that is essential for the applications that require reliable data delivery
  • It is a lightweight and publish subscribe protocol that is well suited for low bandwidth as well as the high latency networks

Uses MQTT in IoT Professional Applications

        The broker is used in MQTT to facilitate the communication among clients and it is designed as the highly reliable and scalable which is apt for the large scale IoT deployments. In addition, some of the utilizations of MQTT are highlighted in the following.

  • Real time communication
  • Facilitate the real time communication among IoT devices
  • Remote device management
  • Used to monitor and control IoT devices remotely
  • Sensor data collection
  • Collects sensor data from IoT devices and route it to appropriate destination

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