Is Ns2 a Tool

Most significantly, the network simulator 2 is defined as the open source tool which is designed specifically for the research based on computer communication networks. In addition to that, it is deployed to simulate both the wired and wireless network and it provides the substantial support to simulate the bunch of protocols such as,

  • DSR
  • UDP
  • FTP
  • TCP

Installation of Ns2 Tool

Now, let’s have a look about the installation of network simulator 2 tools in Ubuntu over the execution of commands that have been highlighted in the following in the Ubuntu terminal.

sudo apt-get install ns2

Installation of Ns2 Tool

Ns2 Tool Code for Scheduling

For your ease, we have highlighted the sample source code based on Ns2 tool which is used to schedule the FTP traffic along with the required time intervals.

$ns at 0.5 “traffic_ftp2 start”

$ns rtmodel-at 1.0 down $node2 $node3

$ns rtmodel-at 2.0 up $node2 $node3

$ns at 3.0 “traffic_ftp2 start”

$ns at 4.0 “traffic_ftp2 stop”

$ns at 5.0 “finish”

$ns run

As far as, we learned the significance notes about the Ns2 as a tool and we have confidence on our explanations as well as believing that you are capable to install Ns2 by your own and you can make a call to us to clarify your doubts.