J-SIM Network Simulator is an open source simulation tool written in Java. It is similar to NS-2 i.e. it also supports dual language simulation. Also It uses Java to describe and implement models while scripting language to configure, construct and control the simulation. It also works under Windows XP, Windows NT 4, Solaris 8, eComStation 1.1, OS/2 Warp 4, and Linux.

We also have implemented nearly 1000+ J-Sim based projects and 500+ J sim based assignments also for students and scholars from various parts of the world. Research scholar who wish to undertake their research using JSim, can also approach us as we have nearly 100+ skilled developers, who can implement any challenging concept or idea using JSim. Approach us anytime, as we are also here to guide you, serve you and assist you at 24/7

Major Research areas:
  • Mobile Adhoc Networks
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Wireless-Body Area Networks
  • Satellite Networks
  • Wireless Mesh networks
J-SIM-Simulator based project topics
  • A new efficient mechanism also for an Improved DCM-based Tunable True Random Number Generator used for Xilinx FPGA
  • The new method used also for the Hardware Implementation of Poly phase-Decomposition-Based Wavelet Filters for perform the Power System Harmonics Estimation
  • A new secure approach also for High performance reconfigurable Viterbi Decoder design for multi-standard receiver
  • The process of Performance Enhancement also With Dynamic FPGA Configuration Prefetching by using the Reconfigurable Framework
  • A new technology also for Efficient Implementation of Scan Register Insertion on Integer Arithmetic Cores for FPGAs
  • The new secure mechanism Implementation of AES algorithm to overt fake keys against counter attacks
  • An efficient method for Low complexity and also area efficient reconfigurable multimode interleaver address generator for multistandard radios
  • The purpose of on-chip memory only also used for FPGA based implementation of deep neural networks
Lets have a look for our recent Jsim project topics,
  • A novel performance of Canny Edge Detection Algorithm also used for an Efficient Hardware Implementation
  • The new mechanism for the Architecture of a Processor also for Vector Operations in On-Line Learning of Neural Networks
  • A novel approach also for Development of BLDC Motor-Based Elevator System Suitable for DC Micro grid
  • The new technique also for Parameter Space for the Architecture of FFT-Based Montgomery Modular Multiplication
  • A novel mechanism also for a power consumption and area improved design of IIR decimation filters by using MDT
  • The new technology also for the performance analysis framework for perform optimizing OpenCL applications on FPGAs
  • A novel methodology for Hardware and software architectures also for computationally efficient three-dimensional ultrasonic data compression

        J-Sim Network Simulator is one of the powerful tools used by majority of scholars and students also for their project/assignment accomplishment. For this reason, we have provided few major research areas along with research topics for students to get an idea about Network simulator projects. To get our complete project guidance aid, approach us also through our online guidance service.