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LTE Simulator Thesis Topics

  • A new mechanism also for Multi-Teacher Knowledge Transfer for Optimal CRN Spectrum Handoff Control also with Hybrid Priority Queueing
  • An efficient process Design and Implementation of VoIP Based Two-Tier Cognitive Radio Network also for Improved Spectrum Utilization
  • A new method for Joint Beamforming, Power, and also Channel Allocation in Multiuser and Multichannel Underlay MISO Cognitive Radio Networks
  • The usage of SINR-Based Cooperative Beam forming also used for Improving Physical-Layer Security for Cognitive Radio Projects
  • An efficient performance of a Dynamic Common-Control-Channel-Based MAC Protocol also for Cellular Cognitive Radio Networks
  • A new approach Cluster Based Multidimensional Scaling also used for Irregular Cognitive Radio Networks Localization
  • An efficient performance of Adaptive load balancing algorithm also for wireless distributed computing networks
Lets our LTE Thesis recent topics,
  • The usage of two-tier crossover genetic algorithm used for perform Energy-efficient resource allocation for heterogeneous cognitive radio network
  • A new methodology for Robust cooperative beam forming against steering vector uncertainty in cognitive radio networks
  • The novel approach for on Throughput Maximization in Multichannel Cognitive Radio Networks Via Generalized Access Strategy
  • A new mechanism for Robust routing and link scheduling in cognitive radio networks under channel uncertainty and demand fluctuations
  • The new technique for Spectrum Sensing Performance in Cognitive Radio Networks With Multiple Primary Users
  • An efficient process on Characterization of Feasible Interference Regions in Cognitive Radio Networks
  • A novel technology for Probabilistic Power Allocation for Cognitive Radio Networks With Outage Constraints and One-Bit Side Information
  • The new technique Energy efficient beam forming for secure communication in cognitive radio networks

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