M tech thesis in computer science

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Firstly, M tech thesis is uses ‘ns’ and we were present with a prompt. All the program of the network is to done with the help of simulate. After that we type ‘nam’ in the terminal and the window will appear showing NAM (The Network Animator). This tool was primarily built for animate packet trace data and is used for M tech thesis.

Typically, the output of any simulator say ‘ns’ or from real network measurements e.g. using ‘tcpdump’ this trace derives first. Commercial simulator has its advantage and disadvantage.

Mtech thesis

        Generally, it has complete and up-to-date documentations the main advantage of this network simulator. Consistently, they can be maintain by some specialize staff in that company.

However, the disadvantageous of the open source network simulator in this aspect. Generally, there are not enough specialize people working in Mtech thesis  for the documentation. This problem can serious for Mtech in computer students. This problem can serious when the different versions come with many new things and it will become difficult to trace or understand the previous codes without appropriate documentations.


       A method of communication between two electronic devices over a network by using set of protocols is define as a web service. In the concept of utility computing over the web with the service always where it is a software function provided at a network address. M tech thesis in the A foundation layer of a web services protocol stack can form the SOAP. A basic messaging framework upon which web services can built is also provide by the SOAP.

XML-based protocol

        This XML-based protocol consists of three different parts: an envelope, which defines what is in the message and how to process the message, a set of encoding rules used for expressing instances of application-define data types, and a convention for representing procedure calls and responses.

SOAP also has three major characteristics: extensibility (security and WS-routing among the extensions under development), neutrality (SOAP can be used over any transport protocol such as HTTP, SMTP, TCP, UDP, or JMS), and independence (SOAP allows for any programming model). Web services use both HTML and XML based protocols for communication.