MANET Network Simulator Projects are preferred by majority of scholars and students today, due to its significance in the field of research. Mobile Ad hoc Network is an infrastructure less mobile network, which offers on the fly device connectivity due to its self configuring nature. Vehicular Ad hoc Networks, Mesh Networks, Wireless Mobile Ad hoc Networks are all sub domains of MANET, having immense research scope. We have accomplished nearly 1500+ MANET projects using various Network Simulation tools.

We have provided few major simulation tools for student’s reference. Approach us with any of the below mentioned tool/any latest simulation tool with your novel idea, we will offer you our complete project guidance support to enhance your academic grades and performance. Now, let’s have a glance over few common protocols used in MANET along with its few recent research topics. 

Major Protocols used in MANET Simulator Projects
  • Global State Routing protocol
  • Destination Sequence Distance Vector Routing also in protocol
  • Landmark AdHoc Routing protocol
  • Optimized Link state also in protocol
  • Adaptive Link State also in protocol
  • Fisheye State Routing protocol
  • Source Tree Adaptive Routing (STAR) also in protocol
  • Ad-Hoc On Demand Distance Vector(AODV) also in protocol
  • Light Weight Mobile Routing protocol
  • Multipath Dynamic Source Routing (MDSR) also in protocol
 MANET Network-Simulator tools
  • Network Simulator-2
  • Network Simulator-3
  • QualNet
  • OMNET++[with INETMANET framework]
  • GLOMosim
  • GTNETS [Georgia tech Network Simulator]
  • SWANS Simulator

Latest Research topics on MANET [Mobile Ad Hoc Networks]:

  • A new process of multi-channel operation also in WAVE based on Network simulator design based Event-Driven Scheduling
  • An efficient performance of developing a user-friendly sensor network simulator also to imitate wireless charging vehicle behaviors
  • The usage of the Encog Framework also used for Artificial Neural Networks Simulator with Topology Multilayer Perceptron
  • The Multi-Modality Electrocardiography also into a Three- Dimensional Wire Cube Network based on Designing a Novel ECG Simulator
  • A new method process from Modeling also with SysML to Simulation with Contiki Cooja Simulator of Wireless Sensor Networks
  • A novel approach for Attacks against AODV Routing Protocol also in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
  • The performance of Design and also implementation of network simulation platform for WAVE protocols
  • A new technique for Simulation-Based Testing and also Evaluation Tools for Transportation Cyber–Physical Systems
  • The process of Optimized WiMAX Profile Configuration also for Smart Grid Communications
  • A new technique on Performance evaluation of TCP congestion control mechanisms also using NS-2
  • A new methodology for Intraflow network coding also on the data link layer for broadband PLC
  • An efficient mechanism also for Impact of mobile nodes for few mobility models on delay-tolerant network routing protocols
  • The process on Opportunistic Networks also based on an Encounter and Distance Based Routing Protocol
  • A new technique for Secret Common Randomness also From Routing Metadata in Ad Hoc Networks
  • A novel technology also for Analyzing the Energy Proportionality of Scalable Interconnection Networks

          Hope that you would have got an idea about MANET Network Simulator projects. We have provided few major Network simulation tools along with few recent research topics also for student’s reference. For further project guidance or topic assistance approach us through mail/call. We also will be back to you to satisfy your needs as per your time flexibility.