Nam File in Ns2

Now, let’s have a discussion about the execution of Nam file mainly in the network simulator 2.

Keynotes about Nam File in Ns2

In general, The Nam file in network simulator 2 is defined as the simulation based auto generator trace file and that is stored along with the file extension of .nam. In addition to that, we have highlighted the source code to create the object for nam trace generation for the Tcl based simulation main file in network simulator 2.

set tracefd                   [open w]

set namtrace                [open simulation.nam w]

$ns trace-all $tracefd

$ns namtrace-all-wireless $namtrace $val(x) $val(y)

Run Ns2 Simulation for Nam File Generation

We have to execute the below mentioned commands to generate the Nam file to run the simulation based on network simulator 2.

cd /home/research/Desktop/program_in_NS2

sudo ./ns main.tcl

Running Ns2 Simulation

On the other hand, we have to store the generated nam file in the project workspace location.

Generated Nam File

Following that, we have to open the auto generated nam file through the implementation of below mentioned commands.

sudo ./nam simulation.nam

Opening Auto Generated Nam File

To this end, the research scholars can implement the Nam file in network simulator 2 by their own. If you have any issues, then reach us at any time to clarify the issues.