Nam in Networking

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Nam in Networking

Mainly, nam in networking is supportive for the topology, layout, packet level animation and some other data inspection based on the trace data and that is derived as the result from the network simulator.

Run Nam File in Ns2

Hereby, we have highlighted the steps that are used to run the Nam file in network simulator 2.

  • Creation of source code for Tcl main file which is coded for network simulation
  • Opening terminal and changing the location over cd command
  • Execution of main Tcl file through implementing this command “sudo ./ns main.tcl”
  • Selection of nam trace through the utilization of Nam tool for the Nam console process
  • Acquire simulation in the nam console window and press play button to start the start the simulation process

To conclude this article, we hope that we offered the required information for the execution of Nam in networking and you can reach us to aid more processes based on Nam.