Network Simulation Tools Free Download

          Are you guys struggling to download network simulation tools freely? Then, no worries! Because in this article, we have depicted the process of downloading network simulation tools such as Ns3, Ns2 and Cooja, come let’s see the process of downloading.

Download Ns3

       Ns3 can be downloaded freely as per the required version through the below mentioned URL.

Download Ns3

        Following that, we have to extracted the downloaded Ns3 packages in the home drive for installation process.

Extraction of Downloaded Ns3

Download Cooja

       In addition, we have highlighted a URL in the following which is used to download the Contiki for the Cooja simulation.

Download Contiki Master

     The downloaded Contiki packages for Cooja simulation have to be extracted to acquire the source code for Cooja in the location namely.


Extraction of Cooja

Download Ns2

        Moreover, Ns2 is one of the simulation tools which can be download freely through the following URL.

Link to Download Ns2

         Additionally, we have to extract the package into home drive and change the location for the installation process.


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