Network Simulator ns-2

      Network simulator ns-2 Typically, the user’s specific analysis needs are fulfill. Typically, the most popular protocols also support the Network simulator. Today the simulator ns-2 is use with networks which include WLAN, Wi-Max, TCP, also WSN, cognitive radio etc.

   Three main different simulator ns-2 techniques analyze with the behavior of wired and wireless networks:
  • Analytical Modeling uses ns-2
  • Computer Simulations also applying Network ns-2.
  • Real Time Physical Measurements also uses simulator ns-2.

       A very tedious and also Real Time Physical Measurements may not possible all the time in analytical modeling. The quantitative analyses of networks are the feasible approach in Network simulator ns-2. Computer Simulations can Discrete Event Simulations (e.g.: arrival and departure of customers in a bank) or Continuous Simulations (e.g.: water flow in a mountain). Generally, Network-simulator is also Discrete Event Simulations.


        Essentially decoy network-accessible resources use in Honeypot. In a network as surveillance and early-warning tools are deploy the decoy network-accessible resources as the honeypots not normally access also for legitimate purposes. To compromise these decoy resources some kind of techniques used by the attackers. To keep an eye on new exploitation techniques decoy resources study during and also after an attack in Network. Security of the actual network is being protect also by the honeypot where such analysis may used to further tighten.


        A honeypot can also direct an attacker’s attention away from legitimate servers of a network. To distracting their attention from the data on the real server while a honeypot encourages attackers to spend their time and also energy on the decoy server. A honeynet is a network set up with intentional vulnerabilities which is similar to a honeypot. The invitation of attacks is the main purpose of this honeynet. So that the attacker’s methods can be study and that information can also used to increase network security. A honeynet typically contains one or more honeypots on simulator ns-2.

         A network service is an application running at the net-work application layer and above in a computer networking. The data storage, manipulation, presentation, communication or other capability are also implement by such networking. Based on application layer network protocols are often implemented by using client-server or peer-to-peer architecture also in simulator ns-2.

         The file sharing between computers also done with the help of network which gives you more flexibility. The floppy drives or Zip drives are providing lower flexibility than computer networks. Not only can also you share photos, music files, and documents, you can also use a home network to save copies of all of your important data on a different computer. In home networking Backups also one of the most critical yet overlooked tasks.

Computer network

        A network server is a computer which is used to provide various shared resources to workstations and other servers on a computer network. The shared resources of a computer can include disk space, hardware access, and e-mail services. Usually, in the case also that almost any computer can a “network server.

Main goal of computer network in Network-simulator-ns-2
  • The basic idea behind any computer network is simplification: simplification of data, of communication, and of information on a broad scale. A number of different devices able to accommodate most networks.