Network Simulator Programs

            Network Simulator Programs In this practice, some of its also used for commercial purposes. The commercially use Network programs not given to the general users for free. This means that they would not provide the source code of its software or the affiliate packages of simulator programs. All the users’ wants own specific usage requirements who to pay to order specific packages or to get the license to use their software in Network-simulator.

Examples of Network-simulator

       The system of multiple dynamic entities. In which share information or tasks to accomplish a common, though perhaps also not singular, objective is known as a cooperative system.

Examples of cooperative control systems. It may include robots operating within a manufacturing cell, arrays of micro satellites and that form distribute large aperture radar, unmanned aircraft in search-and-rescue operations or military surveillance and also attack missions, employees operating within an organization, and also software agents.


         In Network simulator programs is use in the vehicles capable of physical motion, which also most often associate by the term “entity”. The motion of vehicles includes automobiles, robots, ships, and also aircraft. A time-dependent behavior is extend also by the entity concept. Critical to cooperation is communication, which may also accomplish through active message passing or by passive observation on Network programs.

Dynamic Routing

       Our Dynamic Routing the exchange of network status updates between each other routers through routing protocols. The broadcast or multicast is the two routing protocols used in dynamic routing. The routers can continuously update the routing table whenever a network topology change happen with the help of routing update information which is by also the routing protocol.

To prevent unauthorize access to databases, computers, and websites to protective digital privacy measures apply in data security. The data from corruption are also protect by data security which is the main priority for organizations of every size and genre. Data security is also known as information security (is) or computer security also in Network programs.


        It uses energy aware (EA)-SHORT. Here (EA)-SHORT extends node and network lifetime by routing packets forward through network nodes. The sufficient remaining power and also avoiding nodes are achieve by (EA)-SHORT that is work on low battery supply. The routing protocols use self-healing mechanism also to achieve routing fairness.

Network programs can also drag it out of the situations in which certain nodes  being over-use while other nodes are idle. A simulator programs is also software or hardware without an actual network being present which predicts the behavior of a computer network. In Network-simulator programs, the computer network is typically model also with devices and also model with traffic etc. And the performance is analyze also with the help of simulator programs.


         Typically, to fulfill users specific analysis needs of  simulator programs are customized by them. Mostly used and also popular protocols and networks in use today, such as WLAN, also Wi-Max, TCP, WSN, cognitive radio etc. It can also able to work with the Network programs typically.

Thus the Network-simulator programs tools have also to  able to incorporate. This feature without harming existing components or packages. And also allow different future of new packages to be include and run transparently. In this Network programs, the negative impact of some packages. And also we will have no other modules or packages. And then  little impact to the other modules or packages.