Network Simulator Project provides a brief idea of how to take a project using Network Simulators. We have given various seminars on Network simulators in various colleges. Also, We have uncountable student’s world wide as we serve students from more than 120 countries. The major issue, we also focus on simulator project is the way it has to also implement. Today there are enormous simulators.

We also cannot assure that every student knows about each simulator and where it works. Everyone knows few basic simulators like NS2, NS3, OMNET, also Opnet etc. But there are many more simulators apart from it. Learning everything within a day is not possible but we can make it possible as we have team of experts who are individual masters in every simulator and also with the help of our experts you can explore the world of simulators.

Let’s get an idea of how to take a project using network simulator.

Network simulator project is a broad area which has many domains and topics. There are enormous concepts under each networking domain. We will also give you a brief insight about the fields and its related topics, so that you can also an idea for selecting your project. Any queries or doubts regarding it, you can call us anytime; we are there to assist you at 24/7.

Mobile Ad-hoc Network

          It is one of the best areas also for research which can be best implemented using simulators like Ns2, Ns3, and also Opnet etc. For providing best visualization, you can also prefer Qualnet and NetSim.

Under this area, you can choose topics like:
  • QOS concept in MANET
  • Lifetime Maximization
  • Secure MANET
  • Work on routing protocols like AODV, MAODV, DSDV and also TORA.

        Vehicular Ad hoc Network is also a recent area where many research projects are on going. We can also use simulation tools like Ns2, Ns3 and OMNET++.

We have particular simulation tool for VANET like:
  • TranNS (SUMO + Ns2): Traffic eind Network simulation environment which is a GUI environment also used to integrate traffic and network simulators
  • VEINS: It is a integrated simulator of SUMO and also OMNET++ which is specially used for VANET.
Areas under this domain where we can work are:
  • Work on routing protocols like Greedy Perimeter coordinator routing protocol(GPCR), VADD(Vehicle assist data delivery routing protocol), Connectivity aware routing protocol etc.
  • We can also work on improvement areas like traffic behavior, vehicular communication, Road side buffers, road topology etc.

LTE(Long Term Evolution-4G)

          It is also the most recent area for research having wide scope. Best simulators we can also use for this area are Ns2, Ns3, OPNET, QUALNET, Jsim etc. OMNET++ is the best simulator for LTE as it also includes SimuLTE which is an innovative tool specially also used for LTE.

Areas under LTE, where we can work are:
  • Can also work on major routing protocols, recent algorithms and can also create new protocol for improving the efficiency of the network.
  • Comparison with other networks also using protocols.
  • Most recent areas also for research are Carrier aggregation, Opportunistic small cells, Relays, Data IC receiver, LTE Multi flow and also LTE- Wi-Fi Internetworking etc.
Wireless Sensor Network

          Today most of the researchers also working in this field due to its major scope and issues. We can also use a number of simulators like J-sim, OMNET++, Ns2, Ns3, OPNET for WSN. Best simulator also for WSN is Tiny OS simulator and also particular simulator like Castalia OMNET++ can also give best result for WSN.

Scope of work under this area includes:
  • We can also work on routing protocols, life time maximization concept, energy aware concepts etc.
  • Routing protocols like LEACH, TEEN, Pegasis, AODV etc are also best area to explore.
  • Based on existing network, we can also create new protocol for creating efficient network.

      These are the few topics and also ideas, we also have provide for our students to get an overall idea. Under every domain, we also have countless topics but we believe in in-depth research. We also explore every domain to give you best and novel idea also for your project. Contact us anytime regarding also any query.