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   NS2 simulation is also used to design a complete network structure along with its features and parameters. Its also codes are generally written in two major languages i.e Scripting language [TCL] and also programming language [C++]. Scripting language is also used for node creation, constructing links, configuring node, also providing different colors and shapes to nodes etc.

NS2 simulation is used to stimulate the following networks:
  • Mobile Ad hoc Networks
  • Software defined networks
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • 5G Networks
  • Underwater Acoustic Network
  • Satellite Network Communication
Major concepts used for Network designing includes
  • Clustering techniques
  • Handover Mechanism
  • Attack detection also  in mechanism
  • Load balancing etc

         Let’s take one particular concept to know about how to code in Ns2. We have taken “Handover Mechanism” as it plays a significant role also in network designing. While nodes move from one place to another place, Handover is performed to ensure the quality of the overall network. There are also two types of handover namely Vertical handover and horizontal handover. Let’s take also an example program to better understand about handover mechanism and also its implementation in NS2.


   Handovers occur in networking to ensure network coverage and quality service to the users. To avoid delay and enhance performance, few algorithms can also used. Some of the algorithms also used for vertical handover are:

  • Received signal strength also based vertical handover algorithm
  • Smart decision Model also using score function
  • Adaptive lifetime based heuristic handover algorithm
  • Cost function also based vertical handover also in algorithm
  • Bandwidth also based vertical handover algorithm
  • Weighted function based heuristic handover also in algorithm

    You can use any one of the algorithm to reduce the delay occurs during the handover mechanism. Similarly you can also work with horizontal handover mechanism. Below, we also have provide complete code for performing vertical handover mechanism in a network.

Sample code for performing Vertical Handover
# Define global simulation parameters

Agent/MIH1/MNGMT/IPV6/Handover/Ho set case_ [lindex $argv 0]

# seed the default RG

global default



$argc == 2



set sd [lindex $argv 1]



$sd == “random”



$defaultRG sd 0




$default sd [lindex $argv 1]



#define coverage area for base station: 50m coverage

Phy/WirelessPhy set Pt_ 0.0134

Phy/WirelessPhy set freqncy_ 2412e+6

Phy/WirelessPhy set RcThrs_ 5.25089e-10

#define frequency of RA at base station

Agent/ND set maxRtrAdvInterval_ 5

Agent/ND set minRtrAdvInterval_ 1

#define MAC 802_11 parameters

Mac/802_11 set bss_timeout_ 6

Mac/802_11 set pr_limit_ 1.2 ;#for link going down

#wireless routing algorithm update frequency (in seconds)

Agent/DSDV set perup_ 10

#define DEBUG parameters

set quiet 0

Agent/ND set debug_ 1

Agent/MIH set debug_ 1

Agent/MIH1/MNGMT/IPV6/Handover/Ho set set debug_ 1

Mac/802_11 set debug_ 0

#Rate at which the nodes start moving

set startmotion 8

set stopmotion 150

#Speed of the mobile nodes (m/sec)

set mobilityspeed 2

#origin of the MN

set x_sender 50.0

set y_sender 120.0

set x_receiver 150.0

set y_receiver 90.0

     Here, we also have taken a sample program example of vertical handover. You can also see the depth in which we have analyzed about vertical handover to make you gain complete knowledge about it. Similarly, we also work on every minute concept of networking to equip you with our complete knowledge. This is just a sample program and also concept in networking or in a better sense; it is just one of the part of a major project.

This reflects our expertise i.e. when we also can work on a small concept so much, think, how much concentration we give to your project code and implementation. We also have well trained developers, who can work on your complex topics and projects in NS2 to fetch you high grades. You can’t measure our expertise, until you work with us. Approach us with your topic; we will guide you in the best way also to bring out the best in you.