Ns2 Knowledge is Used in the Project Work to Measure

Our research professionals have highlighted the significance of calculating the network performance using network simulator 2 through this article. Let’s start this article with the keynotes of performance metrics.

Calculation to Measure Network Performance

The below mentioned performance metrics can be calculated through the execution of Ns2 simulation to measure the network performance.

  • Routing load
  • Encryption and decryption time
  • Attack detection rate
  • Consuming energy
  • Average Delay
  • Average interference ratio
  • Spectrum opportunity utilization

Create Ns2 Simulation

To perform the Ns2 simulation, we have to create the simulation file along with the file extension of .tcl in the project location.

Simulation File Creation

Execution Ns2 Simulation

We have to execute the below mentioned commands in the Ubuntu terminal window to execute the Ns2 simulation in Ubuntu.

cd /home/research/ProjectLocation

sudo ./ns Main.tcl

Finally, the acquire result of executing the simulation based on network simulator 2 in Ubuntu is highlighted in the following.

Along with that, the graph result to measure the routing load is also depicted in the following.

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