Ns2 Mini Project with Source Code

This article is mainly derived for the research students who are all struggling to find the appropriate Ns2 mini project along with source code.

Pioneering Ns2 Mini Project Titles

At first, our research professionals have highlighted some research projects based on network simulator 2 mini project titles in the following.

  • Data dissemination in VANET using particle swarm optimization
  • Cross layer based efficient handover and congestion control mechanism for TCP performance
  • An intrusion detection system for connected vehicles in smart cities
  • An end to end security and privacy preserving approach for multi cloud environment
  • An efficient intrusion detection system (IDS) for detect the DOS attack

Ns2 Mini Projects Source Code

In addition to that, we have highlighted the sample source code for the mini projects in network simulator 2.

  • Source code for UDP based packet transmission

set udp [new Agent/UDP]

set null [new Agent/Null]

$ns attach-agent $node_(15) $udp

$ns attach-agent $node_(18) $null

$ns connect $udp $null

$udp set packetSize_ 1500

  • Source code for CBR based packet transmission

set cbr [new Application/Traffic/CBR]

$cbr attach-agent $udp

$cbr set packetSize_ 1000

$cbr set rate_ 0.1Mb

$cbr set random_ null

$cbr set interval_ 0.1

$ns at $datastart1 “$cbr start”

$ns at $datastop1 “$cbr stop”

If you have any quarrels in Ns2 mini projects, then you people can reach us at any time.