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Our NS2 Project center provides all round support also for the accomplishment of project to bring out the real potential of individual student. NS-2 is one of the most widely simulation tool due to its effective result and also cost effective solution. NS-2 is also used to simulate wide range of networking protocols like routing protocols, transmission control protocol and multicast protocol. We also offer complete support for your project, starting from topic selection till the project submission. Be hassle free regarding your projects as NS-2 project centre has also come to take your burdens and problems.

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Let’s have a glance over few recent research topics in NS-2
  • JRSND: Jamming Resilient secure Neighbor discovery framework also in Mobile Ah doc Network[MANET]
  • Two factor for lightweight privacy preserving authentication scheme[2FLIP] also for Vehicular Ad hoc Networks
  • HMM based decision fusion in WSN[Wireless Sensor Network] also using Non coherent Multiple access
  • Identity based batch verification scheme also for enhancing privacy and security in VANET
  • Hybrid Routing protocol also for Marine environments monitoring[HYRMA framework]
  • User privacy and data security also in Mobile crowd sensing
  • A novel approach to gather information and also locate from optical fiber sensors integrated into WSN
  • Game theoretic topology control also in sparse underwater sensor networks for opportunistic localization
  • Cross layer design and delay optimization in Multi hop wireless networks using Network coding and also successive interference cancellation

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