Ns2 Project Ideas

Hereby, we have started this article with the list of newfangled research ideas for the projects based on network simulator 2.

Novel Ns2 Project Ideas

  • Hierarchical clustering the nodes based on relative distance, residual energy and regional density of the nodes through the utilization of divide well to merge better algorithm
  • Spectrum handoff is performed by the edge server using coati optimization (CO) algorithm
  • Allocate the channels to the SU by auction based on three properties using twin actor twin delay deep deterministic policy gradient (TATD3PG) reinforcement learning algorithm
  • Handover based on fast adaptation mechanism (FAM)
  • Make a communication among the user nodes and VoIP server nodes based on the TCP protocol process

In addition to that, we have highlighted the steps that are required to create the project using network simulator 2.

  • Firstly, we have to create the network with main file
  • Following that, main file code is used to specify the node moving target location and moving speed and other configurations
  • Finally, we have to execute the main file through the utilization of commands highlighted below

sudo ./ns mainfile.tcl

Ping us to acquire the topical guidance based on executing network simulator 2 project ideas.