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   Projects are mainly preferred by scholars and students, who wish to perform cost effective projects also with efficient result. NS2 PROJECTS FREE DOWNLOAD is an open source simulation tool used to simulate wide range of Networks and networking protocols. It is a discrete event simulator implemented in C++ and TCL scripting language. NS2 is also mainly focused on networking research with substantial support for simulation of protocols like TCP, SRM, UDP, RTP and also Routing protocols [like AODV, OLSR, DSR, DSDV] over wired and wireless networks. Scholars may feel also that taking a simulation project can’t fetch you high grades but this is wrong notion.

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NS2 Projects free download
  • Collision free packet scheduling and collision tolerant method also for Underwater acoustic localization applications
  • Enhanced scaling scheme also for RS- coded storage clusters
  • Game theoretic analysis also for defeating jamming with the power of Silence
  • Key Recovery attacks also on KIDS[Keyed anomaly detection system]
  • Defeating inside Jammers also using time delayed broadcasting
  • Code Randomization also for mitigating code Reuse attacks
  • Green power allocation in Relay assisted Multiuser Networks also using pricing based approach
  • Parallel and high speed computation of Elliptic curve cryptography also using hybrid double Multipliers
  • Enhancing energy efficiency in Multi core architecture also using Multiple voltage Islands
  • H-Tree: Index structure for Event matching also in Content based publish/subscribe system
  • Energy efficient Resource allocation also in Cognitive Radios using generalized sensing analysis
  • Analysis of Two ray fading Models also using MGF approach
  • Analysis of hybrid full/half duplex system also in Heterogeneous wireless Networks
  • Wideband characterization and also Multi Ray channel modeling in Terahertz band for Wireless communication
  • Performance analysis of Memory dynamics and transmission of bundle protocols also in Deep space communication

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