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Let’s check out the appropriate implementation process of wireless.tcl using network simulator 2 over this article “ns2/wireless.tcl at master • jridgewell/ns2 • GitHub”.

Phase: I Create Wireless.tcl Using Ns2

As the start, we have to create the wireless.tcl simulation main file using the network simulator 2 in the project workspace location [jridgewell].

Creation of Simulation Main File

In addition to that, we have highlighted the sample code for the node configuration in wireless.tcl.

set opt(ant)            Antenna/OmniAntenna

set opt(x)                    670                 

set opt(y)                    670                 

set opt(cp)                   “…../tcl/mobility/scene/cbr-50-10-4-512”

set opt(sc)                   “…./tcl/mobility/scene/scen-670×670-50-600-20-0”

set opt(ifqlen)             50                   

set opt(nn)                  50                   

set opt(seed)               0.0

set opt(stop)                1000.0            

set opt(tr)                    out.tr  

set opt(rp)             dsr

set opt(lm)             “off”

Phase: II Execution of Wireless.tcl in Ns2

To execute the Ns2 based simulation file for wireless.tcl, we have to implement the below mentioned commands in the terminal and acquire the result.

cd /home/research/jridgewell_ns2

sudo ./ns wireless.tcl

Execution of Wireless Tcl

For your reference, we have highlighted the acquired result of executing wireless.tcl  simulation in the trace file with the .tr file extension.

To this end, we believe that you get the top to bottom way out to execution process of wireless.tcl using network simulator 2. If you have any issues just ring us.