NS2 Projects in Bangalore is our leading service started with an aim to serve the budding students with our expertise and experience. We offer our positive influence and impact through our research guidance and service. To expand your intellectual horizons get our hands on experience with the help of our top experts and dedicated professionals.

We offer an excellent opportunity to enhance your technical skills by working on challenging ideas explored by our experts. We can assure you that our guidance will boost your morale to upgrade your profile with our support. Approach our NS2 projects in Bangalore to know your real potential and innate talent, which we can harness to bring out the best in you. You can get complete project ideas based on NS2 simulation by having an online session with our experts. Hope for the best as we will offer you the best.

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  • 24/7 Mentoring support
  • Domain wise experts guidance
  • Work on all recent tools
  • Novel conceptualization support
  • Thesis/dissertation support
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  • Complete support also for viva voice/PPT
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    It is our major service started with the initiatives of top experts and dedicated engineers to offer innovative project ideas for young minds. We also offer complete tutoring service on NS2 regarding its major aspects and also tools like NAM [Network animator], Xgraph, C++, OTCL, AWK script etc.

As an initial step towards our guidance, we have provided few recent research topics in NS2.
  • Implementation of ACO Routing protocol also in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks
  • Detection and prevention of Behavioral Malware detection also in Delay Networks
  • A Detection and prevention of black hole attack also using trust management and fuzzy logic analyzer in wireless networks
  • Sensor Node failure detection based on Round trip delay and also paths in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Implementation of Optimized Routing protocol also for Vehicular Ad hoc Networks
  • Implementation of advanced technology also for the accomplishment of QOS requirement in MANET.
  • An Advanced genetic algorithm technique also for route optimization in VOIP based campus communication system
  • Device to device discovery of proximity also based service in LTE-A system
  • GloWPAN sensor node mobility scheme also using Proxy Mobile IPV6 handover
  • Proficient session based Mobile socket layer also for distribution tolerance on the Web

    Hope you would also have got an idea about Ns-2 projects. If you feel to have further guidance and support for your project, approach us also for our expert’s service. We will offer you plenty of innovative topics and also research ideas for your project.