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    NS2 Projects in Delhi is our prime initiative started for students, who feel to work on simulation project using NS2. NS2 is one of the most widely used simulation tool in the midst of scholars today. There are plenty of other Network simulators like Qualnet, Opnet, Jsim, Omnet++, NS3, GloMoSim etc. Few are open source while few are commercial simulators. Every simulator is specific according to its features to support the major networking areas.

We also provide support for all kinds of simulators but here we have emphasized on NS-2 as it is also one of the most preferred tool by researchers and developers due to its programming ease. We also offer complete support for NS-2 based projects, assignments and lab cycles. Students, who feel they are just a beginner in NS-2, can also have an online session also with our experts to learn about NS2 completely.

Let’s have a glance over few recent research topics in NS-2, to get a better idea about NS-2 projects.

NS-2 project titles
  • QOS Enhancement using Power aware routing also in MANET
  • Localization of irregular Wireless sensor Networks also using Multi dimensional scaling
  • Minimizing delay and maximizing life time of Wireless sensor networks also using Any cast protocol.
  • DCACAO: Distributed client assisted channel assignment optimization also in Uncoordinated wireless LANs
  • Detection of Routing Misbehavior in MANET also using Acknowledgement based technique
  • Efficient and scalable Multicasting also in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
  • Improving throughput and fairness by reducing exposed and also hidden nodes in 802.11 Networks
  • Enabling efficient peer to peer resource sharing also in Wireless Mobile Networks.
  • Improving Communication efficiency of physiological information monitor system also with the help of Zigbee technology
  • Cross layer interaction of TCP[Transmission control protocol] and also Ad hoc Routing protocols in IEEE 802.11 Multi hop Networks