ns2 simulation code and examples

Let’s get to know the essentials of programming tutorials based on network simulator 2.

Keynotes of Ns2 Programming

First and foremost, we have to write the program source code in code file based on Ns-2.35 to make the simulation using network simulator 2 and that is stored along with the file extension of .cc and .h.

In addition, we have highlighted some sample program code in network simulator 2 for AODV routing header and agent initialization.

AODVHeaderClass() : PacketHeaderClass(“PacketHeader/AODV”,

                                              sizeof(hdr_all_aodv)) {



  AODVclass() : TclClass(“Agent/AODV”) {}

        TclObject* create(int argc, const char*const* argv) {

          assert(argc == 5);

              return (new AODV((nsaddr_t) Address::instance().str2addr(argv[4])));


Moreover, we have to write the main TCL script code to initialize the mac and routing protocol object in project location with the file extension .tcl.

set val(mac)                Mac/802_11

set val(rp)       AODV

Run Programming in Ns2

To run the programming in network simulator 2, we have to implement the below mentioned commands.

cd /home/research/PROGRAMMING_in_NS2

sudo ./ns NS2PROGRAMMING.tcl

Run Programming in Ns2

In addition to that, we have highlighted the result of running the program based on network simulator 2.

Result of Running Ns2 Program

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