Ns2 Simulator for Windows

Generally speaking, we are deployed to access and evaluate one’s research as the supportive system for them. From this article “Ns2 simulator for windows” you can acquire the required data to execute Ns2 simulator in window.

Phase: I

Firstly, we have to download and install the Cygwin to install Ns2 simulator using the below mentioned URL.


Following that, we have to download the Ns2.28 packages through the URL highlighted below.


Then, we have to copy and paste the packages based on Ns2 simulator to the Cygwin installation directory under the subdirectory home and that is stored in C:\cygwin\home\[system_name] and install the Ns2 simulator in windows.

Phase: II

Consequently, we have to create the Tcl script file for simulation in the project location using Ns2 simulator.

Creation of Tcl Script File

Phase: III

To run the Ns2 simulator file, we have to change the project location using the command that is highlighted in the following in the command window.

cd /home/research/ProjectLocation

Changing Packet Location

At that moment, we have to execute the below mentioned commands to run the Ns2 simulator file for windows.

sudo ./ns Main.tcl

Run Ns2 Simulator

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