NS2 Vanet Network Simulator is use to analyze the overall performance and behavior of VANET [Vehicular Ad hoc Networks] Networks. VANET is based on the principles of Mobile Ad hoc Networks, which provides spontaneous creation of wireless networks between vehicles for data transmission. Simulation tools like NS-2 can use for the simulation of VANET Networks or other tools like SUMO, MOVE, VANETMobiSim can also interface with NS-2 to provide a simulation environment for VANET Networks. NS-2 is an open source discrete event network simulator used for the simulation of wired and wireless networks. So it provide comprehensive simulation environment for the simulation of VANET Networks due to its wide functionalities and Emulation support.

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SUMO (Simulation of Urban Mobility):
  • It is also an open source network simulator, which is highly portable and road traffic simulation package mainly design to handle large road networks.
  • In VANET network simulation, we also have to generate a static trace file before we can also run NS2 VANET simulation. An order to get trace data-online, we also need to integrate SUMO with NS2
MOVE (Traffic Model Generator):
  • Move is a traffic model generator simulator also use to create trace file for the vehicular flow
  • Output is also a trace file -consists of realistic vehicular flow of the map, which is also process by NS2 simulator.
  • VanetMobiSim is also an extension of CanuMobiSim. It is an open source mobility model generator provides efficient and extensible mobility architecture for VANETs.
  • This simulator is also use only for VANETS and is platform independent software.
  • It also supports both macro and micro mobility specification. It uses intuitive XML code for specifying the different simulations.
  • The Usage Of VANET Driven Clustering Formation also For LTE Floating Car Data Application Off-Loading.
  • An Efficient Algorithm also For Static Geographical Clustering In VANET
  • A New Secured VANET Cloud Application Used For Transport And also Traffic Rule Violation Monitoring Service In ITS
  • The Performance Of Reducing The Number Of Messages In VANET also Based On Congestion Control Approach
  • A New Mechanism also For Comparative Performance Evaluation Of DSRC And Wi-Fi Direct In VANET
  • The New Methodology also For Emerging Attacks On VANET Security Based On GPS Time Spoofing
  • A Novel Approach For Evaluation Of Routing Protocols In Congested VANET Environment
  • The New Secure Mechanism also For A Trust-Privacy Framework In Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
  • A New Technique also For Cloud-Assisted Safety Message Dissemination In VANET-Cellular Heterogeneous Wireless Network
  • The Efficient Process Of Vehicle Mobility And also Communication Channel Models also For Realistic And Efficient Highway VANET Simulation
  • A New Technology Boosting Named Data Networking also For Efficient Packet Forwarding In Urban VANET Scenarios
  • An effective mechanism for New Methodology also For A BUS Vehicular Network Integrated With Traffic Infrastructure
  • The New Efficient Approach For VANET also Based Integrated Framework For Smart Accident Management System
  • A New Development Of A Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm-Based Adaptive Weighted Clustering Protocol In VANET
  • An Efficient Process Of Real-Time Path Planning also Based On Hybrid-VANET-Enhanced Transportation System

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