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    ONLINE NETWORK SIMULATOR is one of our major online services started with an only goal to serve the students as per their wish, to satisfy their needs. Student’s satisfaction and contentment is our top priority as we know that each student is capable to do much more than their capability. The only thing they need is the guiding hand to bring out the best in them. We have started our online service with a motto to serve the budding students with our knowledge and experience. In this article, we have focused on Network simulators as today majority of students are not aware of the simulators available. We have come with our expert’s service to tutor you, with all types of simulators available today. Approach our online service, and get aid for any simulator, you wish to work with.


    ONLINE NETWORK SIMULATOR, is an innovative service started to help our students through our online service. We provide complete guidance on all types of Network simulators available today. Even we are working with the most recent simulators for students to make them hassle free with any kind of work, they wish to undertake. Network Simulators are used to simulate all types of Networks, networking protocols and algorithms to mimic the real life networking scenario. We have started our service for students, who feel to seek our help through online regarding their Networking projects, assignments and research work. We offer complete freedom on the selection of Simulation tool as we are ready to work according to your need. Here, we have provided few major Network Simulators for your reference.

  • Used to simulate various networks to explore different issues like congestion control, protocol interaction, scalability, effect of network dynamics etc
Key Features:
  • Supports modeling of Traffic distribution
  • It can support up to 3000 nodes and implemented in C++ and TCL
  • Supports all variants of TCP, Multicast protocol, Ad hoc routing protocols, wired networking, propagation Models, data diffusion etc.
  • NS3 is not an advanced version of NS2; it overcomes the backward compatibility of NS2.
  • It is completely written in C++ with optional python binding, which makes it flexible tool for development.
Key Features:
  • Open Source simulator which reduces the need to rewrite models also for simulation
  • Protocol entities also design closer to the real world systems
  • Reduces the memory footprint of Simulation as it allocates no memory for virtual zero bytes.
  • Component also based discrete event simulator implemented in C++
  • It is an open source simulator used to simulate both wired and also wireless networks
  • Supported in Eclipse based IDE and also provides graphical run time environment
Key Features:
  • Powerful simulation tool also based on component architecture
  • Supports parallel distributed simulation.
  • Parallel simulation algorithms can be easily extended or new ones can also plugged in.
  • Communication between Modules takes place also through message transmission
  • Modules combined together also to form compound modules using gates.
  • Global Mobile Information System Simulator
  • Used to simulate wireless and wired communication systems and also protocols
  • Develop a modular simulation environment also for protocol stack which is capable of scaling up network with thousands of heterogeneous networks.
Key Features:
  • Supports direct satellite communication of Multi-hop wireless communication system
  • Provides library of parallelized models also used to evaluate variety of Wireless Network protocol
  • Provides support also to all the OSI layer
  • Extension of TinyOS Mote Simulator also used to design network
  • Implemented in python and C++
Key Features:
  • Provides support for two major models i.e. Radio models and also ADC Models
  • Provide customized GUI support
  • Simulate TinyOS sensor networks at also bit level granularity
  • Allows the used to modify the topology at run time and also inject packets dynamically to monitor the network traffic
J-SIM[Java Based Simulation]:
  • Loosely coupled component based programming model also used to build and analyze quantitative numeric models
  • Used for Networking simulation and also modeling and completely implemented in Java.
Key Features:
  • Used also for the implementation of complete suite of Internet Integrated, best effort and also differentiated service protocols.
  • Provides Real time process driven simulation
  • Partial realization of Network Emulation capability
  • Dual Language environment also which allows auto configuration and on-line monitoring
  • Simulation tool which seamlessly integrates simulation and also emulation of both wireless and wired networks.
Key Features:
  • Used to simulate real life network traffic networking

Simulates the following networks:

  • Mobile Ad hoc Networks
  • IEEE 802.11(b) wireless LANs
  • Optical Networks
  • Dual Radio wireless Mesh Networks
  • IEEE 802.11(e) QOS Wireless LANs
  • GPRS Cellular Networks

     Hope you also would have gain some knowledge about the Network simulators available today. We also have mention here only few major open source simulators but we are also ready to offer our support for commercial simulator like OPNET, QUALNET etc also. For further information about each simulation tool, approach our online tutoring service. Along with tutoring service, we also provide guidance for your Networking projects, assignments and also lab cycles. You can choose any particular simulator and also approach us to work in that particular simulator also for your projects. We also will, always there for you..24/7.