OTcl Full Form in Ns2

As the matter of fact, our research professionals have years of experience and they are well versed in this research field. Now, we have derived this article to know more about the execution of OTcl in network simulator 2.

In general, the object oriented tool command language is abbreviated as OTcl and it is denoted as the extension of tool command language (Tcl) which is mainly deployed to create and control the network entities and for the configuration of network scenarios in network simulator 2.

In addition to that, our research professionals have highlighted some sample OTcl scripts based on the network simulator 2.

  • OTcl script to specify the antenna type, queue length, number of nodes and routing protocols

set val(ant)            Antenna/OmniAntenna      

set val(ifqlen)         50                       

set val(nn)             26                       

set val(rp)             DSDV

  • OTcl script to create the object in network simulator, nam trace, trace file generation and topography

set ns_     [new Simulator]

set tracefd     [open OUT.tr w]

set namf  [open OUT.nam w]

set val(traffic)        cbr

set topo       [new Topography]

Though this article, the research scholars can implement the research based on OTcl in network simulator 2.