OTcl in Ns2

OTcl is denoted as the extension of Tcl / Tk for the object oriented programming which is written using the C++ programming language. Mainly in Ns2, the OTcl programming language interpreter includes the built in library of network simulation objects.

Classes in OTcl

For your reference, our technical experts have highlighted the classes that have been functioning in the OTcl.

  • Creation of class with the object

Class < class name >

< object name > set < attribute name > < attribute value >

  • Definition for the methods based on classes

< class name > instproc < function name >

{ arguments }


Function body


Run Ns2 OTcl File

Here, we have to create the simulation OTcl file based on network simulator 2 along with the file extension of .tcl. Then, we have to execute the command which is deployed to run the simulation.

cd /home/research/ns2_otcl_file

sudo ./ns main.tcl

Running Ns2 OTcl File

At this moment, we have highlighted the result which is acquired through running Ns2 OTcl file in Ubuntu.

To this end, our technical professionals provide the complete research assistance for the researchers based on OTcl in network simulator 2. So, ping us to aid more!!!