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Now, let’s have a glance over the tools used for the simulation of P2P Networks along with its few major research issues.

Simulation Tools Used:
  • OverSim P2P Simulator
  • PeerSim
  • P2PSim
  • P2PRealm
  • D-P2PSim
Research Issues:
  • Bandwidth and storage
  • Indexing and searching
  • Security Issues
  • Data Sharing
  • Aggregation Algorithms in P2P Networks
  • Fault tolerance
  • Load balancing
  • Self-organization
  • Collaboration and communication
  • Distributed Computation
  • Content Distribution etc

Recent Research topics for P2P Network Simulator project

  • The performance of P2P network organization method also for low signaling overhead and delay
  • A new process of Fluid Models of Population and also Download Progress in P2P Networks
  • An efficient method Cache Bandwidth Allocation also for P2P File-Sharing Systems to Minimize Inter-ISP Traffic
  • The process of Prototype implementation and also performance evaluation based on a Wi-Fi P2P communication platform between wireless LAN memory cards
  • An usage of WebRTC also for the Addressing Challenges in Browser Based P2P Content Sharing Framework
  • A new mechanism also for Successfully Mapping DASH over a P2P Live Streaming Architecture
  • The process of Live Streaming also With Network Coding based on Bandwidth-Efficient Packet Scheduling
  • A new approach for on design and also implementation of a scalable and reliable Sync system for delay tolerant challenged networks
  • An efficient scheme also for Investigation of Effects of Spoofing Attacks in P2P Online Social Networks
  • The process of guarantee-based trust model also in Chord-based P2P networks
  • An efficient approach also for Congestion Control-Based Load Balanced Routing in Unstructured P2P Systems
  • A new mechanism for Per-Relay Power Minimization also for Multi-user Multi-channel Cooperative Relay Beam forming
Some recent topics,
  • The process of Routing Queries in Unstructured P2P Networks performed also by using a Stable Approach
  • A new method for P2P Live-Streaming Application-Aware Architecture also for QoS Enhancement in the EPON
  • The new technology for Collaborative Cloud Computing also Based on P2P Networks

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