Petri Net Simulator Projects are used to describe and study the systems, which are characterized as asynchronous, concurrent, parallel, distributed, stochastic and non deterministic. A petri net is a mathematical and graphical tool, which consist of transitions, places and arcs to connect them. Petri nets are further classified as Coloured Petri Nets, Timed Petri Nets and also Modular Petri Nets.

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  • AMI Nets
  • AADL Nets
  • Artifex Petri Nets
  • Communicating Petri Nets
  • CAB Nets
  • COOPN/2
  • Communicating Time also in petri Nets
  • M-Nets
  • Object Petri Nets
  • Macronets
  • Product Nets
  • Simulation Nets
  • Queuing Petri Nets
  • Stochastic Well formed colored Nets
  • SPECS Nets
  • Stochastic Activity Networks
  • Stochastic Reward Nets
  • An efficient usage of a fuzzy petri net model also for perform Prediction of DoS attacks in external communication for self-driving vehicles
  • The novel technique process Performance modeling of fuel cell systems also through Petri nets
  • A new method Control Design Strategy also for Flying Capacitor Multilevel Converters Based on Petri Nets
  • An efficient usage of Petri Nets used also for World Model for Testing Autonomous Systems
  • The performance of Timed Resource-Oriented Petri Nets also used for Optimal Scheduling of Complex Multi-Cluster Tools
  • An efficient usage of Fleet of Electric Vehicles in Smart Grid Environment also for the process of a Colored Petri Net Based Frequency Support Scheme
  • A new technique also for Determining Truth Degrees of Input Places in Fuzzy Petri Nets
Lets see some of our trendy topics,
  • The process of Modeling and also analysis based on Timed Petri Nets based on Faster parking and less cruise for public parking spot discovery
  • A new approach also for Logistic Support Architecture with Petri Net Design in Cloud Environment for Services and Profit Optimization
  • The method for Modeling and analyzing web application also with aspect-oriented hierarchical Coloured Petri Nets
  • A new scheme for the Design and also Verification of Real-Life Processes With Application of Petri Nets
  • An efficient performance of a Generalized Stochastic Petri Net Approach also for Modeling Activities of Human Operators in Inter modal Container Terminals
  • The process of the Application to loads operation planning also to perform Timed Hybrid Petri Net based modeling of a standalone PVPs/batteries system
  • A novel usage of speed control arcs also for the Modeling continuous systems by Petri Nets
  • An efficient usage of Deterministic Stochastic Petri Nets also for Evaluation of the Energy Consumption and the Packet Loss in WSNs

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