Project Network Simulation NS2 NS3 is one of our prime service started with the initiatives of renowned researchers and experts from all over the world. NS2 and NS3, both are open source network simulation tool used for the simulation of wired and wireless networks. NS2 is implemented in C++ and OTCL while NS3 is implemented in C++ with python scripting. NS3 is not an evolution of NS2; it has just developed to overcome the backward compatibility of NS2.

We have developed nearly 1000+ Project Network Simulation NS2 NS3 for students from various parts of the world. We have nearly 100+ skilled experts and developers, who have a minimum experience of 10 years. Our developers impart their complete experience and expertise into your project to enhance your academic grades and performance. If you wish to undertake our expert’s guidance, approach us today with your project need. We have provided few recent research topics below for your reference.

Recent Research topics for Network Simulation NS2-NS3
  • The performance of real-time RTT feedback also by using an adaptive compression technique
  • The efficient process of a push-pull P2P streaming systems v based on a score-based packet retransmission approach
  • The process of Optimizing Energy Consumption in the Transmission of Multimedia Traffic in Ad-Hoc Networks also based on Buffering Technique
  • A novel technique for Exploring the Receptor-Based Virtual Screening Study of the Aromatic Substituents also for the Hepatitis C Virus NS5B Polymerase by Docking and Scoring
  • A new method for the performance Evaluation of OLSR Protocol in a Grid Manhattan VANET Scenario also for Different Applications
  • A novel approach on performance Evaluation of OLSR and also AODV Protocols in a VANET Crossroad Scenario
  • The usage of Continuous Time Markov Chain also for the Performance analysis of Cellular-WLAN Heterogeneous Network
  • A new method for Averting speed inefficiency in rate-diverse WiFi networks through queueing and also aggregation
  • The novel approach also for a cloud-assisted DASH-based Scalable Interactive Multiview Video Streaming framework
  • An efficient mechanism for Responsive multipath TCP also in SDN-based data centers
  • A new secure process on Topology adaptation also for robust ad hoc cyberphysical networks under puncture-style attacks
  • The process of reduced energy consumption and also delay in LTE networks by using Dynamic DRX algorithms
  • The usage of the secured VANET cloud application also for Transport and traffic rule violation monitoring service in ITS
  • A new tool for Assessment and also event based analysis of dynamic wireless networks
  • A new method for Design and also analysis of software defined Vehicular Cyber Physical Systems

      We have mentioned few recent research topics above, which we have accomplished in our research concern. We provide support for both NS-2 and NS-3 based projects along with basic tutoring service on Network simulation tools. Approach us through our online service, to aid our guidance at 24/7.