Projects on Network Security presented the security view in the internet access and secure data transmission model. For wired communication model, we have developed the Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) protocol to protect authorized users from unauthorized access and it protects the data from the eavesdroppers in the public network. This eavesdropping method has access the data in the IEEE 802.11 wireless LANS, to enable security among this wireless LAN we have developed the security algorithms.

Network security

It also include the sensor nodes used in the wireless communication. In this sensor node attackers can easily introduces the malicious node to hack the confidential data transfer between the source and destination. Security also required to verifying the large scale deployment. We have developing most newly developed standard security protocol for two party settings and securities. Through this network security we can achieve the scalability in the sensor network against the security.


Projects Network-security

It enhance the network vulnerability and threats occur in the computer networks. Projects on network security deals with the data confidentiality and authentication of the user management system. And also we have the network-security baseline model to verify the elements of the key for developing the great network security. This is also mainly concentrate on the data security among the network environment. For access the network security basic criteria are

  • Switching Infrastructure
  • Device Resiliency
  • Infrastructure device access
  • Network Telemetry
  • Routing Infrastructure
  • Network Policy Enforcement
  • Device survivability

To ensure the correct solution of network security system, the Cisco Security Framework has applied for projects on Network Security. The CSF will provide the comprehensive method of validating and accessing the security needs of a system. The important problem in the distributed security system is the key functionality management of cryptographic process. Generally the internet requires certificate directory for the verification of key management system. For this secure network security access in the Domain Name system (DNS), key management functionality is used.

The directory Access control protocol includes system security and also weakness identification measurement. To suggest the solution also to privacy threats that arises in the network security model natural DNS lookup method has implemented in the projects on network security. We have also developed various filter algorithms for network security. Multiple access points and layers will also made the reliable network privacy and data confidentiality among the security system. In the sensor network to provide the security access tesla method has implemented also to utilize the security.