Python Network Simulation

       Our technical experts provide the complete support for the research scholars to develop the python network simulation. Now, let’s start this article with significant modules in python network simulation.

Modules in Python Network Simulation

      Firstly, we have highlighted the most essential modules based on python network simulation along with its specifications in the following.

  • Openstack
  • It is the python software development kit which is deployed to write the python automation scripts which creates and regulates the Openstack cloud
  • Networkx
  • It is a package in python which is used to create, manipulate and study the structure, functions and dynamics of complex graph networks

Main File Creation

         With the utilization of above mentioned modules, we have to create the main file in workspace location and store with the file extension of .py to create the network simulation using python.

Main File in Python Network Simulation

Execute Python Network Simulation

       Following that, we have to change the project location in windows command prompt and execute the python main simulation file with the implementation of below mentioned commands.


cd PythonNetworkSimulation


Execution of Python Network Simulation

     Finally, we have highlighted the acquired result of network simulation with 50 VNF nodes.

Result of Network Simulation

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